Custom Homes Design

Preliminary Inquiry

  • Insight into the design process, costs and timelines.
  • A rough estimate for your custom home or renovation.

Preliminary Consultation

  • Project managers will meet with you to discuss your project.
  • Determine what drawings you will need if you don’t have the architectural drawing already.


A typical design agreement will cover:

  • Initial measurements of existing house (renovations only)
  • Presentation of preliminary drawings for the project
  • Review and changes to preliminary drawings by client.
  • Final review by client.
  • Engineered by a certified P. Eng.

A flat rate will generally be charged for this service.

Completed drawings will be submitted for a building permit and for committee of adjustments.

Project Estimating

With completed working drawings, Woodcastle will price your job in one of three ways of your choice:

1. Lump Sum Method :

  • A detailed estimate based on working drawings.
  • A fixed price for the complete scope of work with allowances for various finishes.
  • No need for a detailed breakdown on anything other than allowable items.
  • Any changes to the scope of work will be charged on a change order.

2. Cost Plus Method :

  • A set percentage rate is charged on the actual construction cost.
  • All subcontractor and supplier costs are disclosed.
  • You only pay for the services to date.
  • All aspects of the project are paid in full to that date.

3. Project Management Fee Method:

  • Woodcastle Homes acts as the project manager for the client.
  • We will enter into a fixed price contract with each contractor on your behalf.
  • You can get involved in any of the work to save costs
  • Project manager will seek to resolve any conflict in the interest of you.
  • Woodcastle will charge a flat project or monthly fee.


  • We guide you through the entire process.
  • Our qualified staff is available to answer any questions or issues you have.
  • Woodcastle will manage and coordinate the activities and schedule of all the trades, labourers, craftsmen, architects, engineers, technicians, interior decorators, mechanical contractors, neighbouring home owners, city officials, electrical officials, utility contractors and service providers.
  • Final inspection is signed off by you.
  • Coordination of all inspections including final occupancy permit

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