Garden suites are independent additional homes situated in a main house’s backyard. They are meant to be a small-scale, independent housing unit that delicately blends into existing residential neighborhoods. The current licenses for detached secondary suites are expanded to all properties in the city by the garden suites by-law. In addition to enhancing housing flexibility and property value, garden suites offer to be the ideal alternative for sheltering cherished ones, earning rental money, or gaining additional live-work space.


Location Rear or side yard only
Height The lesser of the height of the principal dwelling or
7.5 m Hamlet, Estate or Agricultural Zones 4.5 m Residential Zones
Maximum 80 m2 Hamlet, Estate or Agricultural Zones
35 m2 Residential Zones
Access A 1.2m pedestrian path to the main access of the garden suite
Other No balconies or rooftop patio
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